wagro university

Periodontic, regenerative periodontal
and peri-implant techniques

Program Length

1 Year

Total ECTS Credits



Program Length

3 Years

Total ECTS Credits


Tuition Fee

Program Overview

The title of University Specialist allows the diagnosis, planning and treatment with the knowledge and skills of the clinical processes related to this fundamental discipline in traditional dentistry.

The general objective of this postgraduate university education program is to train postgraduate students (stomatologists or dental graduates), with a solid and broad theoretical training, as well as an adequate clinical experience where the knowledge will be safely applied and acquired in the development of the program. This course has a clinical and investigative function in which the student must prepare and develop, and then present a final work before a commission. Students will be able to critically analyze the published and selected scientific works and the techniques that will be used, they will learn and develop a technique with the aim of guaranteeing the patient functional health and adequate aesthetics in relation to each thematic unit and acquire knowledge gains based on evidence and subsequent practical application.

General skills:

That the students of this postgraduate course know how to apply the knowledge acquired and their ability to solve