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Clinical Microscopic Endodontics
& Endodontic Microsurgery

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Program Overview

This Masters goal is to train dental practitioners into becoming top quality endodontitians who are competent in treating different type of teeth that require root canal therapy.

whether these are single root or multiple root, tooth that might be necrotic or the patient is is complicated as far as cooperation or time management or the case needs a simple root canal therapy or a microscopic root canal therapy procedure, those who complete this master will have an in-depth biological knowledge in endodontics.

The knowledge necessary to diagnose and proceed with a treatment plan for various pulpal and periapical conditions, and possess skills at the level of competency to treat various clinical cases concerning endodontic issues.

Our Endodontics MSc is designed to give you the skills to successfully and confidently manage more complex and demanding endodontic cases in your clinic and not feal helpless no matter what the next clinical case might be.

Speaking of widening your horizons, UniWAGro is not only about dentistry, but is firmly committed to providing equality for all irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion or belief. We will work to ensure that all students, employees and visitors, as well as those who apply or seek to apply to the University, are treated fairly and are not subjected to discrimination by the University on any of these grounds.