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Sinus Lift Surgery
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Program Overview

The posterior maxilla is known as the most difficult and problematic intraoral area for implant dentistry and requires maximum attention to achieve a successful procedure.

 Rehabilitation of the posterior maxilla with implants is often challenging for the oral surgeon due to insufficient bone due to resorption of the alveolar ridge or pneumatization of the maxillary sinus.

 To overcome these problems, various solutions have been proposed over the years, such as the use of short implants or tilted implants (including zygoma implants), with the aim of avoiding elevation of the maxillary sinus floor.

 Nowadays, half a century after the first sinus elevation surgery, the placement of implants in the posterior problematic maxilla has changed a lot. All this aims to make this approach non-traumatic by using growth factors and stem cells and without the fear of perforating the sinus membrane.

 The student will be trained theoretically and clinically in the classical methods, but also in all modern techniques.