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Basic Dental Implantology

Program Length

3 Months


4 2 days each

Tuition Fee

Program Overview

Implantology is perhaps the most basic prerequisite on a CV of a modern dentist. In recent years, an increasing number of doctors are seeking to practice Implantology which is inextricably linked to Periodontology and Oral Surgery. 

The use of implants in dentistry is not always a detailed part of the material covered in undergraduate studies. The elderly population is growing steadily and the need for therapeutic solutions for fixed teeth by using implants is increasing.

Therefore, many dentists want to learn more about the use of Implantology when treating their patients by taking a short course in this field.

This Certificate program is taught in two ways, an online and live theoretical course and participation in-person live training. Both are taught by experienced tutors and clinicians. Participants will be able to learn the general applications of Implantology techniques and treatments.

Dentists actively participate in a hands-on and live practical skill learning program which gives them the opportunity to better understand the contemporary based implant techniques and to be able to successfully tackle simple cases in Dental Implantology.

The program is aimed at qualified doctors, who upon having completed this course will have gained solid initial knowledge in this field and will have mastered the appropriate based techniques.

The tutors all of whom have a background in clinical applications and innovations, come from the best academic institutions, and are willing to share their pioneering knowledge with students.