wagro university

Aesthetics Med. Biotechnology,
Oral & Implant Surgery

Program Length

2 Years
4 Semesters

Total ECTS Credits


Tuition Fee

Program Overview

In recent years, more and more dentists and doctors are seeking to deal with the minimally invasive aesthetics of the oral area and face. It is a specialization that is not included in the curriculum in any Undergraduate program. The market demand in this sector is constantly growing as is the use of autologous products for this purpose.

This combined Post Graduate program of UNIBARI and WAGRO, not only includes all theoretical and clinical training in this field but is also designed to teach the utilization and procedure of these products and in turn certifies the doctor for their use.

In addition to the theoretical online training of about a hundred experienced academics, WAGRO also offers two years of hands-on practical clinical training in its dental clinic.

This program is aimed at qualified dentists who work and have relevant experience in this and are seeking to further their knowledge and skills. Clinical training is offered in three flexible teaching programs, structured to suit the needs of each individual candidate:

A one day per week program
A three day per month program
A one week per semester program

Dentists will not only monitor and actively participate in the various medical incidents at the clinic but will also have the opportunity to bring their own patients who will be treated in the best way with the help of experienced academics, and at the same time have access to state of the art medical equipment. The program is aimed at dentists who are seeking to graduate from this course with excellent knowledge of the clinical treatment of not only simple but also complex procedures in Aesthetics, Oral Surgery, and Implantology whilst using all the relevant advanced technology.


The duration of this course is 2 years with 120 ECTS and 3,000 hours of

The academics are led by Prof. Francesco Inchingolo, President of UNIBARI Postgraduate
Studies. The other faculty members hold positions at recognized universities in Europe and in
the USA. The clinical professors are all highly qualified and have backgrounds in clinical research,
publishing, and innovation and who will share their pioneering knowledge with students.