29-30 September

Orofacial Aesthetics Rehabilitation Training Course

By Paola Pederzolli

Master in Aesthetics, facial imperfections- Botulinum toxin application - Carboxytherapy

Follow this course led by leading medical aestheticians, dentists and biochemical scientists, all with extensive experience in cosmetic injections and molecular biology.

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In our 2-day aesthetic training course, medical & dental professionals learn how to inject patients’ own concentrated growth factors to create new collagen, regenerate soft tissue, and smooth and tighten skin. This course is led by leading medical aestheticians, dentists and biochemical scientists, all with extensive experience in cosmetic injections and molecular biology.

This procedure has universal application in medicine and dentistry. This course provides an overview of the scientific and biological basis of autologous blood concentrates so that clinicians understand how the procedure works and the indications for proper use.

Why CGF? CGF has long been used in sports medicine, orthopedics, dentistry and reconstructive surgery. Now it is showing that it can also be of great benefit for cosmetic facial rejuvenation, dermatology, and skin wound healing.

How can CGF be used for skin rejuvenation? When CGF is injected into the skin, new collagen grows, and recent studies show that it can also mitigate sun damage and smooth and tighten the skin. It is an effective treatment to correct common age-related skin problems such as dark circles and hollows under the eyes, fine lines, sagging, decreased firmness and uneven tone.


Basic knowledge of the wound healing process.
✓ Learn about the medical history of CGF use and how it’s now used in cosmetic medicine.
✓ Educate on how CGF can be used to create soft tissue and collagen while tightening and improving skin. ✓ Protocol for blood collection, placement in the centrifuge, and separation of the various components.
✓ Activation of CGF with ozone.
Hyaluronic Acid for intraoral use.
✓ Knowledge of proper placement of CGF for optimal results.
✓ Patient preparation, pre- and post-treatment instructions, and safety protocols.
Clinical hands-on training for practical experience with venipuncture: CGF injections and use of these growth factors for facial rejuvenation.

This evidence-based course will enable you to understand and fully integrate this popular procedure into your practice and indications:

✓ Aesthetic indications
✓ Facial area (upper and lower)
✓ Neck areas
✓ Male and female pattern baldness
✓ Combination therapies including micro needling, cannulas, melatonin, ozone, vitamin D, and posttreatment options
✓ Production of personalized mask and cream using CGF of own patients


Monday 29th, September 2023 | 9:00 – 17:30
Monday 29th, September 2023 | 9:00 – 17:30


Rejuvenation of the face CGF Aesthetic Agenda

–1st Day, Monday

09:30 Venue and Registration

10:00 Lectures

1. Lecture
  • ✓ CGF The Next Generation of Platelet Rich Plasma.
  • ✓ CGF: Definition and Preparation Considerations.
  • Clinical validity of CGF.
  • ✓ Physician Accreditation.
  • ✓ Indications & Contraindications.
  • Protocols, Technique and Safety Recommendations
2.Lecture: Aesthetic applications for CGF for face, Mesotherapy, Autologous Filler, neck, Botox, Hyaluronic acid & Intra-Oral use of Hyaluronic acid.
  • ✓ Anatomy of the skin and lips.
  • ✓ Preparing the skin for injectable.
  • Different techniques of injecting for facial rejuvenation.
  • L.P.C.G.F., I.C.F., A.P.A.G., BIOFILLER and them Applications in Bio-stimulation, Volumizing effect, Redefine the facial contour.
  • ✓ Aesthetic of the perioral area- Lip augmentation. Combining growth factors with melatonin, vitamin D and medical needling and cosmeceutical skin care to get the best results. GREEN CREAM and GREEN MASK with C.F.G.

    13:30 Lunch Break

    15:00 – 17:30 Clinical Applications on Patients

    Each participant can bring a patient.
    Depending on the treatment he has to agree with the secretariat about the costs

–2st Day, Tuesday

09:30 Start

10:00 Lectures

3. Practical Session, Venipuncture, Blood drawing, Biomaterial Preparations
  • ✓ C.G.F.
  • ✓ A.P.A.G.
  • ✓ Gel.
  • ✓ LPCGF.
  • ✓ ICF

4. Practical Session in small groups with patients..
  • ✓ Participants will have the opportunity to give CGF injection for aesthetic applications.
  • ✓ I.C.F. for the reduction of periocular black halos.
  • ✓ APAG for volumizing effects.

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break

5. Practical Session continuation.

6. Discussion on the importance of the Regenerative Medicine.

17:00 End of Training

Rejuvenation of the face
Training Basis

The goal of the course is that when you return to your clinic, you will be able to confidently prepare and perform the plasma gel, CD34+ cells, and concentrated growth factors to make a difference. This is a very hands-on course where you move from theory to practice under the supervision of an expert.
You will gain the confidence and assurance to incorporate this treatment into your daily practice. The exercises are performed on real patients.
Description: An intensive course that provides a hands-on approach to facial rejuvenation, facial profiling, dark circles, nasolabial folds, hair loss treatment (androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata), infiltration with CGF + melatonin. Preparation of patients and skin before infiltration. Introduction to the use of vitamin D in the esthetic and immunological field

WAGRO’s Clinic in the center of Athens, Greece

Max 15

Registration fee included
Lunchbox and coffee breaks included

Cost: 1200 

Diploma: Advanced University Diploma from UCAM, Catholic University of Sant Antonio of Murcia, Spain 3 ECTS