wagro university

Jul 16


1st WAGRO Congress 6-8 May 2016

1stWAGRO congress took place in the ancient city of Athens, where Hippocrates started think tanking on the science of medicine. As such we started the first congress of growth factors in the beautiful capital of Greece. Esteemed scientists from all over the world, members, professors and most of all friends of the community we call world academy of growth factors and stem cells, came together on an effort to promote the key ingredients of growth factors in medicine generally and dentistry specifically. After 3 days of lectures and workshops we did not only start a movement on the benefits of growth factors we started and idea. And ideas cannot be beaten as “V” would say are bulletproof. The idea is to forget that we know, throw the rules away and just assume we are back in school and know nothing. Just absorb the new information that could change the way we process our medical procedures. For example, forget about sinus lift, break through use IPG technique. Everybody who participated come with that open mind, and with such we debated and shared knowledge that brought our science so many years forward in just a few days. It was a proud moment for all of us because we did it together as a group and as such we hope to expand our community into the next congress. Hope to see you all there and more.